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of the year for DuRide.
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Become a Member


Become A Member

How Do You Sign Up?

Call or e-mail the DuRide office to get started. When you sign up, the process is simple and organized:

  • You will pay an annual fee of $45 when you sign up.
  • For each ride you take, you will pay a small pick-up fee for that trip. No money will exchange hands. You don’t need to tip any driver.
  • You will have your own Transportation Account, which will keep track your rides. You’ll receive a monthly account statement and pay it like any other bill. The statement will show the activity you accumulated for the previous month.
  • Through grants, donations and local sponsors, approximately half of the total cost will be covered by funds other than yours.This keeps DuRide affordable for Dubuque-area seniors.
  • Low income residents may qualify for assistance, upon request.
  • Questions? Call 563-451-4999.

You may get a blank copy of the app by clicking Membership Application. Please contact us before returning the completed application.

Trade Your Car for Rides.

Do you have a car in the garage that you don’t use anymore but haven’t sold? Why not convert that depreciating asset into rides? You and DuRide can agree on a dollar value for your car. DuRide will sell the car on your behalf and you will exchange that money for credit into your Transportation Account.You can use it for annual fees and pick-up fees.


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